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Initiating Myself Into Womanhood


On the 1st of November, 2013 I decided to shave my head – yes, all of it! Why? Because I wanted to acknowledge my journey from girl to woman and challenge my own self-perceptions of femininity.

I realised that a large part of my femininity was attached to having long hair – so what would happen if I cut it off? Would I feel less of a woman?

In truth, the prospect scared the sh*t outta me, but I reasoned – it could only make me stronger right? 

Many indigenous cultures beleive that one’s power is held in their hair and the longer your hair is, the more power and respect they associate with a person. In fact, in many of these cultures it is a sin to take scissors to hair at all.

However, I wanted to reach outside my comfort zone – and as silly as it sounds, I wanted to prove to myself once and for all that I was more than just my hair!

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