Game Changing Books #01 – Getting The Love You Want

46188Written by Harville Hendrix, PH.D. and his wife Helen Lakely Hunt PH.D. Getting The Love You Want is an enlightening exploration of how attraction works and why we often find more passion in challenging relationships.

Combining over 30 years of experience in working with couples, this book is based on their groundbreaking Imago Relationship Therapy and offers practical exercises to help deepen a couple’s connection.

In essence, Imago theory explores the reasons behind our attraction to particular partners who often trigger our own childhood wounds.

The primal gift in this is through our relationships, we are offered an opportunity to revisit and heal these wounds as more conscious and capable adults.

Unfortunately for most people, however, there is a lack of understanding around their own unique relationship patterns and triggers and even less support in how to redirect the reactions that are so destructive to intimate relationships when left unchecked.

Which is why, even if you’re single, reading this book can help you to better understand yourself and your past relationships as well as support you in entering future relationships more consciously.


Jiveny Blair-West is a Dating & Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia. Her passionate obsession with relationship dynamics has led Jiveny to dedicate her time to better understanding the psychology of attraction, strategies for more effective communication, relationship dynamics and sacred sexuality. Jiveny is also the Co-Founder of Dating With Confidence - a series of workshops dedicated to helping men become more confident in relating to women effectively and authentically.