Feeling a little stuck?
If you're serious about attracting a meaningful relationship with a man who is actually worthy of committing to, Dating & Attraction Coaching can be an invaluable investment to empower you in moving forward with your love life.

Give me a 'hell yeah' if you're ready to:
+ Process and move on from a painful breakup
+ Ditch the baggage, negative self-talk and anything else that keeps you from being a magnetically attractive woman 
+ STOP attracting guys you're not really that into and START getting the attention of those you really want
+ Improve your sex life and unleash your inner sex-goddess
+ Find a deeper sense of self-love, purpose and meaning in your day-to-day life

Angelica Avila-Lemos Business Coach

 Jiveny is extremely knowledgeable in the area of relationships. my favourite part of working with Jiveny was being real about how I was feeling and having her let me know that it was okay to feel that way. Her soothing voice and ability to respond with so much love allowed me to flourish into the next best version of myself. Also, I waled away with huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom about what a fulfilling relationship is and my role in it. She is a true treasure!


Coaching is a process designed to empower and help people who are stuck at a fork in the road - whether it be in your career, your relationships or life itself.

When we are stuck, we often feel a little lost, without a clear sense of direction, mission or purpose. Often this results in procrastination or some other from of self-sabotage and this has a negative impact on our self-esteem, relationships and ultimately self love...

During our first session together, we'll dive into the depths of your dating life, exploring where you're at now, where you want to be and how you can get there. 

From there, we'll work through a tailored program designed to support you in overcoming the blocks and barriers that are keeping you from getting the relationship you want. During our sessions together, I'll be offering professional dating advice and honest feedback along with practical and proven strategies that you can begin to implement straight away.

*Each session runs for approximately 50 minutes and can be conducted over the phone or in-person.​

José Miranda Account Manager

Jiveny has a great ear for discovering the underlying limitations and concerns that were blocking me in my dating life - many of which, I didn't even know I had! As we uncovered each one, Jiveny helped me to create new and healthier strategies to overcome them. Her approach to coaching was smooth and effortless, leaving me with an increased sense of confidence and self-belief. Over the course of our sessions together, I actually began to fall in love with myself again. Overall, Jiveny creates a safe and comfortable environment for growth.

Helen Coelho Social Worker

 Jiveny is very caring and professional in her approach. Our sessions together were truly pleasant and insightful, and gave me a better understanding of the issues I had been facing in past relationships and dating. During our sessions, Jiveny demonstrated a genuine care and commitment to my results as she helped bring to my awareness some unresourceful thinking and negative self-talk. Her approaches, strategies and resources were invaluable, helping me to adopt more effective habits and become who I truly want to be. Overall, coaching with Jiveny was a really positive experience and I’m grateful for the clarity and increased confidence it's given me to live life to it´s fullest.


Increased Depth Of Awareness

A thorough exploration of your current situation and identification of your own, unique, relationship patterns. This insight and clarity is fundamental to understanding what is currently blocking you from getting the love you want and what we need to do in order to achieve a real, lasting breakthrough.


Fast-track your success by tapping into my experience as someone who has 'been there' and spent over seven years consciously exploring, studying and practicing the fundamentals of human behaviour that are essential to understand in the dating world, yet hardly ever talked about.

Questions & Answers

Professional advice and support in understanding the intricacies of your love life. After all, it's hard to see things clearly when you're 'in it' - so often an outsider's perspective is invaluable.

A Judgement Free Zone For You To Be Heard & Seen

Where there is no 'right' or 'wrong', nothing for you to prove and whatever we discuss throughout the session will remain strictly confidential.​

Direct & Honest Feedback

Without the fluff - I'm here to give it to your straight. That means real and honest, practical advice on how to improve your dating game - the kinds of truths your friends and family are often just too shy to tell you.

A Mindset For Success

Believe it or not, your mindset is the key to a more satisfying future. During our session, your thoughts and beliefs will be assessed so that you can better understand how your mindset may be influencing your results.


To help keep you focused and on-target in achieving your goals.

An Increased Sense of Self-Confidence

Tailored strategies to help support and reinforce positive change in your love life and beyond.


The truth is, everyone's a little different and in order to truly serve you, I need to know more about your own unique situation - where you are at in your love life and what you're specifically struggling. So lets talk...

Book your free consult via the button below and we'll connect 1:1 over the phone. Together we will explore where you are at, what you need to move forward and if it feels like a good fit, I'll invite you to work with me.

Regina Jeans Social Worker

This coaching experience with Jiveny has woken me up to my own path with a desire to forge, create and sustain myself in having an abundant life of purpose and adventure. I am so grateful and can tell you that I have already made so much personal progress since beginning this journey with her. Things that I considered distractions are now under control. I got the job I was working towards and I have also been offered paid work at my placement. My health and yoga journey have also begun to show big results! I am really grateful for this introduction to self-discovery, growth and intentional living as Jiveny opened me up to mindfully beginning a new relationship with myself. I also found the way she facilitated breaking things down for me very helpful, so we could explore and uncover what I was really feeling and wanting. This helped to clarify my own direction in life. I get told a lot lately how well I seem to be doing and part of that is absolutely down to that first of many coaching sessions I had with Jiveny. Now I’m learning how to tap into my own power and I’m so excited for the future!”

Matthew Sweetmãn Music Producer

Talking wit Jiveny really helped open me up to viewing my problems and ideas from another perspective. I felt instant rapport and a real sense of genuine care throughout our sessions. Jiveny has a kind hearted and compassionate approach to shedding light on some confronting personal matters. Through this, she helped me to develop strategies on how to deal with life and the problems I was facing in a well-rounded and robust way. Our follow-up sessions always picked up right where we left off which really helped to keep the momentum going. Overall, I feel my sessions with Jiveny were and are highly beneficial to me.

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