Initiating Myself Into Womanhood


On the 1st of November, 2013 I decided to shave my head – yes, all of it! Why? Because I wanted to acknowledge my journey from girl to woman and challenge my own self-perceptions of femininity.

I realised that a large part of my femininity was attached to having long hair – so what would happen if I cut it off? Would I feel less of a woman?

In truth, the prospect scared the sh*t outta me, but I reasoned – it could only make me stronger right? 

Many indigenous cultures beleive that one’s power is held in their hair and the longer your hair is, the more power and respect they associate with a person. In fact, in many of these cultures it is a sin to take scissors to hair at all.

However, I wanted to reach outside my comfort zone – and as silly as it sounds, I wanted to prove to myself once and for all that I was more than just my hair!

In addition to cutting it all off, I thought I’d make the most of what is culturally considered a drastic decision, by raising money for V-Day – an organisation that gives voice to women around the world, who, through often very violent and inhumane experiences have come to feel (at the very least), stripped of their power, dignity and self-perceived beauty – (more info after the video).

Thank you to all those who donated to support this cause. Your donations have gone towards opening safe-houses, healing centers, schools & orphanages and providing education & healthcare for women all over the world.Below is the official video documenting the head-shave:

UdaipurV-Day is a global activist movement, fighting to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery. Your donations will go towards opening safe-houses, healing centers, schools and orphanages and providing education and healthcare for women all over the world.

Because V-Day operates as a “virtual organization” administrative costs remain low. This means that 86 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to ending violence against women and girls.

For more information, you can please watch this TED talk with the founder, Eve Ensler, check out the video I have uploaded (Vimeo link at the top of this article) or visit the V-Day website here.


Jiveny Blair-West is a Dating & Attraction Coach, committed to helping people achieve greater clarity and success in their love life. Her passionate obsession with relationship dynamics has led her to study and unpack the realities of our modern dating culture, the psychology of attraction, sacred sexuality and practical strategies for more effective communication between the sexes. Jiveny is also the Founder of Playdate Adventures - a series of interactive workshops and events around Australia designed to help single men and women date and relate to each other more effectively, playfully and authentically.