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Attachment Styles Dating Relationships


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Why do some people tend to be more aloof and unattached in their relationships, while others are more codependent and need more reassurance? Attachment theory, studied since 1958, explains how different people have different relating styles. Understanding our own default style can help to explain many of the patterns and challenges you may face

Understanding Attachment Styles


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I’ll Let you in on a little secret… Good love & healthy intimate relationships did not always come naturally to me. Perhaps that’s why I’ve dedicated my life and career to understanding these things.  As I complete the manuscript for our upcoming book ‘How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life’ I’ve been reflecting […]

The Available / Unavailable Pattern

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As a Dating & Attraction Coach, I mentor and support men and women aged 20-70 to identify and overcome the blocks and barriers that prevent us from experiencing good love. For me, there is nothing quite as rewarding as helping people develop the necessary skills to attract and build a healthy relationship.

It is well understood that we need healthy, intimate relationships to thrive in life. However getting the love you want is not always so straight forward.

Truth is, most of us were never formally taught the life skills of dating, attraction and relationships...

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Understanding your primary dating archetype takes you closer to truly understanding the dynamics of attraction, improving your relationship skills, and expanding your opportunities to find a great partner!

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Take the quiz to get your full report and recommendations...

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