Regina Jeans Social Worker, Brisbane

This coaching experience with Jiveny has woken me up to my own path with a desire to forge, create and sustain myself in having an abundant life of purpose and adventure. I am so grateful and can tell you that I have already made so much personal progress since beginning this journey with her. Things that I considered distractions are now under control. I got the job I was working towards and I have also been offered paid work at my placement. My health and yoga journey have also begun to show big results! I am really grateful for this introduction to self-discovery, growth and intentional living as Jiveny opened me up to mindfully beginning a new relationship with myself. I also found the way she facilitated breaking things down for me very helpful, so we could explore and uncover what I was really feeling and wanting. This helped to clarify my own direction in life. I get told a lot lately how well I seem to be doing and part of that is absolutely down to that first of many coaching sessions I had with Jiveny. Now I'm learning how to tap into my own power and I'm so excited for the future!"

Talking with Jiveny really helped open me up to viewing my problems and ideas from another perspective. I felt instant rapport and a real sense of genuine care throughout our sessions. Jiveny has a kind-hearted and compassionate approach to shedding light on some confronting personal matters. Through this, she helped me to develop strategies on how to deal with life and the problems I was facing in a well rounded and robust way. Our follow-up sessions always picked up right where we left off which really helped to keep the momentum going. Overall, I feel my sessions with Jiveny were and are highly beneficial to me.

John Doe Music Producer, NZ



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