Did you know, that the basis of a healthy long-term relationship starts long-before we even meet our partner?

And, it’s only through taking the time to understand and embody attraction dynamics that we can really start to get a handle on the modern dating scene and quit chasing our love-dreams away.

How would you like to feel in-control of your own romantic destiny, find a partner who is on your level, and experience a truly nourishing relationship that is passionate, loving, secure, safe and most of all built on a strong foundation of trust and aligned vision and values?

You see, I believe that we are all worthy of  a truly deep, nurturing, loving, sustainable, fun and sexy kind of relationship. Yet so often it eludes us and rarely are we formally educated on how to actually experience it.

The truth is many of us find it hard to sustain healthy and loving intimate relationships because we just haven’t had good role models or reference points to learn from - particularly in the realms of our romantic relationships… So it often becomes a case of the blind leading the blind.

This is the gap I intend to bridge, with clarity, insight and a road map, and it all starts with learning the subtle art of attraction.

By the way, when I talk about 'attraction' I plan on going much deeper than the superficial, surface concepts of attraction we are fed by the media. Because true attraction is an inner-game of personal development. It's about knowing ourselves, trusting ourselves and most of all loving ourselves. Then, building on that foundation, it involves understanding relationship dynamics, how to communicate effectively with the opposite sex and create sustainable, satisfying attraction with a quality partner.

Perhaps a part of you feels that there is more to intimate relationships than what you've already experienced, yet there are so few opportunities around to illuminate your blind spots and show you what you need to know quickly.

This is basis of The Alchemy of Attraction: a personalised coaching program involving eight one-on-one sessions with me via phone or skype and a bounty of valuable resources to support your transformation.

The Alchemy of Attraction At A Glance:

+ Learn to embody the fundamentals of magnetic attraction and how to cultivate it in a real, healthy and sustainable way

+ Ditch the negative self-talk and develop an even stronger and healthier relationship with yourself

+ Gain clarity around your boundaries and how to assert them more effectively particularly in the dating world

+ Understand the difference between 'chasing' and 'pursuing' a love interest and learn how to cultivate the latter 

+ Discover how to navigate vulnerability within dating & relationships in an elegant and empowered way

+ Dive deep into the intricacies of  Masculine and Feminine energy and learn how to relate to the opposite sex more effectively

+ Overcome unworthiness issues and gain more confidence in your dating life

+Discover different tools and embodiment practices to help you implement  all of these insights in a very real & practical way

 Dannii Orawiec

 Energetic Mentor


For any of you interested in having support - someone in your corner - in one of THE most important areas of life - dating and creating epic relationships - I'd thoroughly recommend working with Jiveny.

I came to work with her after having loads of short-term relationships... Eventually I felt strongly called to FINALLY invest in this area of my life, which is actually quite vulnerable - it's just not super cool to admit we want support in this way... However, Jiveny creates such a beautiful space for transformation. She meets you where you're at, drops in all sorts of incredible knowledge and wisdom, and cheerleads you every step of the way, making this process super fun AND successful!

Lets just say, in a few short months I have attracted a beautiful person I am now dating, feel much more secure in myself / worth / boundaries / what I need in a committed relationship. And despite not knowing if this will be long-long term, with Jiveny's support I feel brave enough to go a in with an open heart, asserting what I desire (but still from a soft, sexy place), and that's enough for me.

 Lynda Richards 

 QANTAS Executive 


Prior to Jiveny’s support, I had been meandering the online dating circuit for approx. 18 months with no real luck past a third date before I started to run. Jiveny helped me to understand the destructive pattern I had created for myself and helped me develop the discernment to listen to my instincts, take only what is relevant and let the rest go.  

I felt a genuine sense of care from Jiveny and never rushed.  Her course materials and resources are also great and helped me to get clear on what I really want from a relationship and why. The best support has been in understanding the decisions I have made / make, and how these have drawn the wrong type of relationships to me in the past. Overall, the tools she has given me to navigate dating and relationships have been so valuable.

This program is perfect for you if you can relate to any of the following:

+ You feel you've been 'single and looking' for far too long

+ You're often unable to get past the dating phase because the people you are seeing turn out to be 'emotionally unavailable'

+ You have a habit of attracting people you're just not that attracted to

+ You struggle to get the interest of the people you would really like to be dating

+ You get stuck in the 'friend zone' way too often

+ You've lost faith in love or find yourself distrusting or thinking negatively about the opposite sex

+ Looking back you can see a pattern; a series of dysfunctional relationships... shit.

+ Most importantly, you are ready to dive deep into relationship dynamics, overcome your own patterns of self-sabotage and learn how to create the sustainable attraction needed to support a nourishing long-term relationship.​

Zoe Fawcette

Project Manager


Jiveny gave me permission to speak openly about some of my deepest fears, anxieties, desires and dreams and was completely present with me as I talked. Her questions guided me to self-assess and reflect on my own beliefs and attitudes in ways that I had never considered before.

Through this, I discovered new ways to think about and overcome habitual thought patterns that had been preventing me from self-acceptance. Most of all, Jiveny helped me identify the deeper core feelings and unmet needs stopping me from living my life fully. After our coaching sessions I've felt a deeper sense clarity, confidence and a true sense of empowerment.


An Increased Depth of Awareness

+ Gain a deeper understanding of the opposite sex and how to relate to them in a way that is fun, nurturing and creates sustainable attraction

A Judgement-Free Zone For You To Be Heard & Seen

+ Gain a deeper understanding of the opposite sex and how to relate to them in a way that creates fun, nurturing and sustainable attraction

Clarity & Vision

+ Get clear on where you are at, what you want your love-life to look like, and most importantly, how to experience it!

Transform Your Patterns of Sabotage

+ Identify, understand and overcome past relationship patterns - because with awareness comes choice!


+ Fast-track your success by tapping into my experience as someone who has 'been there' and spent over seven years consciously exploring, studying and practicing the fundamentals of sustainable attraction.

A Mindset For Attraction

+ Believe it or not, your mindset is the key to a satisfying relationship. During our work together, your thoughts and beliefs will be assessed so that you can better understand how your mindset is influencing your results.

Direct & Honest Feedback

+ I'm here to give it to you straight. That means real, honest, practical advice on how to improve your dating game - the kinds of truths your friends and family don't know how to tell you.

Potent Resources

+ Get free access to valuable resources including books, videos, articles and worksheets to support your growth and learning


+ Support to keep you focused and on-target in achieving your relationship goals

An Increased Sense of Self-Confidence

+ Tailored strategies to help support and reinforce positive change in your love life and beyond.


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Congrats, you did it!
I look froward to connecting with you soon.


Helen Coelho

Program Coordinator


 Jiveny is very caring and professional in her approach. Our sessions together were truly insightful and gave me a better understanding of the issues I had been facing in past relationships and dating.

During our sessions, Jiveny demonstrated a genuine care and commitment to my results as she helped bring to my awareness some unresourceful thinking and negative self-talk. Her approaches, strategies and resources were invaluable, helping me to adopt more effective habits and become who I truly want to be. Overall, coaching with Jiveny was a really positive experience and I'm grateful for the clarity and increased confidence it's given me to live my life to the fullest.

José Miranda

Client Relationship Manager


Jiveny has a great ear for discovering the underlying limitations and concerns that were blocking me in my dating life - many of which, I didn't even know I had!

As we uncovered each one, Jiveny helped me to create new and healthier strategies to overcome them. Her approach to coaching was smooth and effortless, leaving me with an increased sense of confidence and belief.

Over the course of our sessions together, I actually began to fall in love with myself again. Overall, Jiveny creates a safe and comfortable environment for growth.

Aisha Glen

Marketing Communications Manager


I have gained so much out of working with Jiveny!

It's actually mind-blowing how much she has facilitated my growth and learning particularly in the realms of dating, relationships and self-love.

I would highly recommend Jiveny's approach to anyone looking to work on relationships, with or without being in one!