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Love Magnet: Rewiring Your Mindset For True & Lasting Love

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Dating doesn’t have to be a never ending series of flings and heartbreaks. Are you ready to harness your personal power, build strong foundations for lasting relationships, and approach dating with confidence? 

Let's put you in the driver's seat of your love life

Get off the dating rollercoaster and into the driver’s seat of your love life.


It’s time to maximise your dating strategy.
To confidently step into the dating game with purpose. To attract AND maintain a fulfilling relationship. And I can show you how...

The Alchemy of Attraction™️


Having to constantly build up your energy and armour to put yourself out there.

Feeling swipe fatigue and dating burnout, leading to a constant cycle of deleting then downloading the apps.

Constantly second-guessing yourself (am I giving him too many chances? Or not enough?) leaving yourself in relationship limbo.

And the persistent question in the back of your mind… should I really be doing this? Won’t real, true love, just find me? (you can blame Hollywood for that one!)

The search for love can be exhausting.

Repeating the same old habits erodes your self esteem with tiny heartbreaks, again and again.

Recognise and overcome patterns of self-sabotage.

Change your dating mindset and build your confidence.

Get clear on what you want, and find someone who shares your values.

It's time to:

You see your friends and family falling in love, making lasting connections, finding people to step confidently into the next phase of their life with and you think… Why can’t it happen for me?

Dating doesn’t have to be this way.

Read that again. 

You are worthy, but when you’ve been on the dating rollercoaster for a while - spinning through the highs and lows - it’s perfectly natural to want to keep your heart safe. 

But when you approach dating and relationships with this strategy, you can find yourself taking totally opposite actions than those that will move you toward lasting success.

It might keep your heart safe in the short term, but doesn’t help you get what you want from life over the long term.

The right dating strategy can help you attract higher quality people and save you time, energy and unnecessary heartache.

With the right dating strategy, you can go into each new interaction with more confidence, and a more clarity around what you really want. At the same time, you’ll help men feel safe, trusted, desired and understood.

Isn’t it time you found the love you deserve?

You are worthy of lasting love, sustainable attraction, and a long term relationship.

(Or is it more a “keep my heart safe” strategy?)

Are you running a “get love” strategy? 

The Alchemy of Attraction gives you a step-by-step framework to develop the mindset, skills and strategy to get you out of your dating rut and into a healthy, passionate and secure relationship.

Through pre-recorded content for self-paced learning, and 5 live Q&A sessions, this course will help you:

Discover a newfound confidence in how you approach, interact and relate to men.

Uncover a solid understanding of how to navigate the modern dating scene with more clarity and insight.

Unpack and upgrade your strategy (and learn how to practically apply that strategy) so that you can get more of the love you want.

Gain profound insight into the hearts and minds of men as you learn how to communicate and relate to them more effectively.

Develop your confidence in building a secure relationship and asserting healthy boundaries with confidence and grace along the way.

Together, we can build space in your life for love.

You’ll be supported by someone who has been there, done that (and written a book about it too!)

As a leading dating and attraction coach, I've helped dozens of women get clear on their boundaries, develop inner self-confidence and create a plan for welcoming good love into their lives.

Like you, one day I looked around and found myself sitting on the dating rollercoaster. I was being taken through these highs and lows, but I didn’t remember buying a ticket, and I couldn’t work out how to get off.

I began a lot of soul seeking (and education) to transform my life - finding lasting love in the process. In 2016, I decided to start my own business as a dating and attraction coach and help others build good love. I’m now a qualified life coach, and have undertaken training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy, Emotional Processing and Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as continually being mentored by my psychiatrist and relationship-therapist father. In fact, we even wrote a book together How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life.

If you're ready to gain a deeply fulfilling way of approaching relationships that greatly boosts your chances of falling in love (and staying in love) then I can help you.

Hey, I'm Jiveny, a dating & attraction coach for women. Together, we can build space in your life for love.

Meet your teacher

Forget endlessly swiping right for new matches. Instead, I'll show you how to identify your relationship strategy, see where you're going wrong, and adapt your approach to dating in a way that feels natural and empowering. 

The Alchemy of Attraction dating and relationship course is free of pick-up lines, manipulation and sleazy dating tactics.

I won't ask you to act a certain way around men or change yourself to get a man.
The confidence you'll learn in this course goes far beyond relationships. It’s an investment in yourself, the confidence you bring to each day, and the satisfaction you get to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Sheridan Molloy, 34

  I was single for about 10 years before I started working with Jiveny and I felt like I had lost my way.

Since doing this course, I have developed a relationship with a man who lights up my soul and my smile. He is someone I can fully be myself around, who I can lean on and who I have so much fun and adventure with. He is like no-one I have met before and he brings out a better, stronger and more motivated version of myself and I couldn’t feel more grateful for the relationship we have. We’ve been together for 4 years now.

If I hadn’t made the choice to work with Jiveny, I think I would have continued with the uncertainty, self sabotage and the feeling of being stuck for a long time. I don’t think I would have formed some of the extremely valuable friendships I have (as these came from living so authentically and in alignment) and I think if I had met my partner at the time having NOT done this work, it would have been a different outcome.

"If you even have a slight inclination that you want something bigger and better for yourself, your relationships and how you are experiencing life - then doing AOA is an absolute must! 

kind words

results that go far beyond dating...

Practical exercises and external resources to transform strategy into action.

An online community connecting you with other women on a similar journey. Share stories and lift each other up!

Lifetime course access - jump in for a refresher any time! This includes any future AoA live calls or Q&As.

9 weeks of pre-recorded lessons and activities. Learn week-by-week or tackle them at your own pace.

A full run-down on the Attraction Styles Archetypes, and where you fit within them. Think of this as a personality test for how you approach dating and relationships.

5 live group Q&A sessions (with me) where I can answer your questions, discuss your challenges, and support your individual dating and relationship journey.

When you join The Alchemy of Attraction, you get 9 weeks of pre-recorded video and audio content including all future course updates. Life is unpredictable, I want you to be able to come back to these foundations whenever you need to.

What's Included?

You’re 5 steps away from knowing yourself - and your path to relationship success - better.

Take a look inside the course modules and discover what you'll learn...

Gain clarity as you identify where your dating strategy is weakest, why and how to fix it

Unpack the foundations of a healthy relationship and get clear on the qualities of a high value man

Learn about sustainable attraction dynamics and harness the power of an effective dating strategy

Discover the 4 archetypes of feminine attraction; each archetype symbolises the skills necessary to build a healthy, passionate and secure, relationship

Week One: A Fresh Perspective on Dating

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Learn the skillset of healthy boundaries and feel stronger when it comes to asserting them clearly without pushing men away

Take action and develop your experience with practical exercises that anchor this wisdom in the real world

Get stuck into the lessons of your first archetype; learn about her superpowers and understand her shadow sides

Clarify your relationship vision and asses previous dating strategies that no  longer serve you so that you don't waste any more of your precious time with the wrong people

Weeks 2 & 3: Clarifying Your Vision & Expressing Healthy Boundaries

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Discover the value of empowered vulnerability as you understand and improve your relationship to men

Learn how to let someone in and build a strong emotional connection without scaring them away

Meet your 2nd archetype. Get to know her lessons and understand her shadow sides

Explore the negative beliefs you may have about men that are holding you back from making a strong connection

Weeks 4 & 5: Healing Old Wounds & Empowered Vulnerability 

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Learn the two most important ingredients for successful flirting and how to express these qualities naturally while dating

Get in the drivers seat and set the pace of a new relationship as you consciously build an intimate connection

Meet your 3rd archetype; the Siren and learn how she captivates and attracts quality men

Discover how to radiate self-confidence as you reconnect with your inner-seductress to create magnetic attraction

Weeks 6 & 7: Becoming Magnetic & The Art of Seduction

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Integrate the tools to stay connected to your individuality while you navigate a new relationship

Connect with your own relationship wisdom and solidify your new dating strategy in the real world

Meet your final archetype, uncover her shadow sides and embody her key lessons for creating sustainable attraction

Learn to understand and relate to men on a deeper level that makes them see you as real, 'life partner' material

Weeks 8 & 9: Embodying True Relationship Wisdom

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Hear what Stacey, 34, had to say about The Alchemy of Attraction.

Don't just take my word for it,

You'll be joining a safe community of women who share your hopes and dreams for the future.

Together, we will support each other while we do the deep inner work required to shift our relationship mindsets.

It's a dating course for women with a safe space to share and celebrate.

But nothing is forced:
     you can share and be vulnerable
     or you can sit back, listen and absorb at your own pace

No matter how little or how much you contribute, you will get the support you need and interact in a way that is unashamedly you.

With 9 weeks of online content and 5 live Q&A sessions, this tailored program will transform your love life for the better.

This is not a go-it-alone relationship course

All the support you need!

these are direct quotes from the aoa feedback form!

“I’ve taken the step to start dating again and am finding my self confidence to put myself out there since my relationship break up last year. This is huge for me!”

“I feel more confident in my ability to attract a compatible mate, and I also feel more confident in the whole dating process.”

“I feel more confident in myself and the way I can show up in my relationship. It has restored faith in me that I can evolve and has helped me become more aware of myself in relationship than ever before.”

Get results like these past participants of The Alchemy of Attraction:

The Alchemy of Attraction walks you through my proven, four-part framework for understanding yourself better, getting clear on what you want, and building your confidence in dating and relationships.

It will take you from feeling stuck in your love life and unable to attract a quality partner, to easily and consistently attracting good men who value who you are and are willing to pursue you for commitment. This puts you in the driver's seat of your love life so that you can choose the right partner for yourself and co-create the family/lifestyle you have always wanted.

Are you ready to transform your love life and wave goodbye to dating turmoil?

Are you ready to 
wave goodbye
to all your
dating turmoil?

And now it's your turn!

Lauren Fraser, 30

Before working with Jiveny I felt insecure in myself and unsure how to find and maintain a healthy, loving relationship. I saw this affect how I showed up in my work life, friendships and even with my family. I had also just come out of a 6-year relationship and was realising I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes or be with that kind of person again.

After working with Jiveny I now understand what a healthy relationship looks and feels like, and I'm aware of the patterns and insecurities I can bring into them. I found the content she teaches in The Alchemy of Attraction easy, enjoyable, thought-provoking and transformative. It highlighted so many different aspects that I had never really thought about or realised when it came to dating and attracting a partner.

Best of all this journey has led me to a healthy, fulfilling relationship where I feel a new awareness and confidence! If you’re thinking about working with Jiveny or joining this course, I say ‘Do it!’

I found the content Jiveny Teaches in The Alchemy of Attraction easy, enjoyable, thought-provoking and transformative.

kind words


All sessions will be recorded so if you can't make the live call, you'll have access to the recording to review at your own pace.

Q&A sessions allow you to ask any extra questions that come up as you work through the course and ensure we're all on the same page.

Exclusive access to your teacher (that's me!) through regular live group Q&A calls

Put everything you learn in this course into practice. With practical exercises and external resources this course is designed to support you in making this knowledge real!

Not only will you have access to this round of the course, but you'll also be able to participate in future rounds and get all future updates.

A tools and resources hub (and phone app) to help you stay on track and implement your learnings so you can:

Join me live or work through the modules at your own pace. Either way the content is all yours to discover and revisit at any time!

Connect and share your experiences with the other students in this course via the online community portal.

A unique online experience including self-paced classes and a community of like-minded women:

Develop a solid understanding of how to navigate the modern dating scene with clarity and insight as we unpack and redesign your dating strategy.

Learn how to communicate and relate to men more effectively so you can take control of your love life and expand your dating options.


This is a no fluff approach with practical advice divided into weekly lessons that help you:

The Alchemy of Attraction dating & relationship course isn't like other courses out there

If you tick any of these boxes, it’s time to stop going this alone! 

Let me help you step closer to the real deal: a breathtaking, bare-knuckle thrill ride that is true and lasting love.

*This course is purely focused on helping women to understand attraction and relate to men better. If you are interested in an LGTBQI+ relationship course, please email me here. I will be working on other versions of this course in the future and would love to hear from you!

Open to new ways of connecting and communicating with men

Ready to set healthier boundaries to support and protect your future goals and dreams

Over the un-necessary heartache that comes with trying to figure everything out on your own

Looking for more than a casual hookup (they're fine, but not what this course is about)

Not mucking around - you want to take action and welcome love into your life, fast! 


A woman interested in building a great relationship with a man* (Looking for the Men's version of this course? Click here.)

Wanting to avoid repeating your previous mistakes in relationships and approach new situations with confidence, clarity and self-awareness

Sick of attracting people you don’t fancy much yourself (while struggling to get the interest of men you really like) 

Or  wanting to take an existing relationship to a deeper level and experience the kind of intimacy and connection many married people don't even get to experience

Ready to trust your inner guides, develop your dating wisdom and stop the second-guessing.

You're perfect for this course if you are:

It's time to decide

How much time will the course take each week?


I bet you're wondering...

your questions answered

How much time will the course take each week?


How much time will the course take each week?


To get the best from your investment, I suggest you put aside 60-90 mins for the training calls and 30-60 minutes during the week to complete your tasking. FYI, the assignments I set you won't be like school homework! They're all fun, practical exercises designed to support you with challenging your thinking about men, relationships, love and attraction.

Do I get lifetime access to this course?


Do I get lifetime access to this course?


Yes! You get to keep all the recordings and worksheets as well as access to all future course updates as they are released. Better yet, purchasing this round means you get all the present and future value at the best possible price, as course prices may increase the next time I offer this course.

Am I really ready to do this course?


Am I really ready to do this course?


It depends. If you have deep-seated issues regarding relationships, this course may not be the solution. Professional therapy, counselling or psychological support may be necessary as well. While I have helped people recovering from relationship trauma, they need to truly put it behind them first in order to be ready to complete this course.

On the other hand, if you are frustrated with your old dating habits and ready to claim your confidence and find a new way to attract love, then you, my friend, are totally ready! 😉

How can I contact you with questions during the course?


How can I contact you with questions during the course?


There are two ways you can do this, either submit a question through the course portal and I'll get back to you via email, or join me for one of the regular group Q&A sessions, where I'll answer you live during the online call.

Only you can make that decision - but it is possible to have both!

All of my VIP coaching clients also get access to the Alchemy of Attraction course material, and the Q&A calls.

Learn more about VIP coaching, and then make an enquiry, and I can talk you through your decision.

Is it better to invest in this course or 1 on 1 Coaching?

The Alchemy of Attraction comes with a 14 day ‘do the work’ money-back guarantee.

Your guarantee:

If you don’t feel like AOA is giving you the skills, strategy, and support you need to attract a quality partner, just email within 14 days of purchase and I’ll give you your money back.

All you have to do is complete the first two modules, and show me that you’ve done your homework -- I’m that certain this will work for you!

Clarity and confidence when it comes to approaching the dating scene.

A dating/relationship strategy that actually works, and helps you to create a strong foundation of love from the beginning.

The skills to transform hookups into boyfriends (but only if you want to!) Have quality men pursuing you for a committed relationship so that you can take your pick!

The tools to get (and stay) in the driver's seat of your love life, where you set the pace and date men who are committed to bringing their best to a relationship.

A partner who absolutely adores you. Someone who actually puts effort into moving things forward and building an epic life with you!

It's your choice

Are you ready for real results like…

Or, are you happy to stay on the dating rollercoaster?

If you’re looking for something to change, you need to change too. The Alchemy of Attraction might just be the catalyst for that transformation.

Amy Smith, 40

Before joining AOA I was feeling intimidated by dating as my previous relationship was abusive and I hadn’t dated anyone seriously for six years. While I had done my healing in therapy, I lacked confidence in dating and was terrified of picking the wrong person again.

Not having the confidence in this area of my life also meant that I was missing (and even turning down) good opportunities to meet a partner. This left me feeling like I was behind in life and not where I wanted to be.

I found this program helped me to understand how to show up and be the best version of myself. It also taught me wonderful strategies for handling different dating situations, how to recognise potential high-quality partners and how to pace relationships for success so a strong emotional connection can develop. This has given me loads of confidence in dating!

The biggest insight I got from this course was learning about the male and female archetypes and their shadows sides - this information made me realize where my behaviours needed to change so that I could show up as my best self.

The Alchemy of Attraction has given me so much confidence to be myself, to understand men better and make the most of dating. Jiveny is also a fabulous teacher and it was loads of fun doing this as part of the AOA community, with other women sharing their experiences and insights.

Choosing to do AOA has been the best money I’ve ever spent on investing in myself and my future! Initially I was worried it was too much to spend on myself, but after the first lesson, it just confirmed that I had made the right decision.

kind words


KATE, 31

Before doing AOA I felt lost in the world of dating and relationships. I was battling with online dating, trying to make sense of what I was supposed to be doing and just kept thinking I was doing everything wrong as I was not finding good matches.

The course highlighted many habits of mine that were not serving any purpose in reaching my goal of finding a relationship. It allowed me to understand why I made those choices and I was given practical advice of how to change the habits so that I do not push the right kind of men away.

Since doing AOA I have come to understand men better and my thoughts and feelings towards them have shifted considerably. I used to feel intimidated and a little scared by men and now I can see them as people, just like me, that I can enjoy having fun with.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the course was learning about the power of all 4 archetypes and why it's important to let them be seen when dating. Showing ALL of them is what is going to attract a great man - not just showing one!

If I hadn’t made the choice to do this course, I think I would have continued to make the same mistakes as before. I would have stayed scared and fed up with dating. I would be in the same mindset of “what am I doing wrong?” and not have made any changes. I would just be stuck in the same old patterns, getting nowhere.

AOA is the best personal growth course that I have ever done. It gives you the practical tools you need to build strong relationships in every sphere of your life. You will finish the course feeling like the most amazing woman ever!

kind words


My father (a psychiatrist and relationship therapist) and I wrote this book to help people more carefully consider the choice of choosing a life partner. It unpacks what to be looking at and exploring with a potential suitor.

In this course, I’ll be taking these insights to the next level by exploring how we can maximise our own feminine gifts and understand men on a deeper level. 

It’s about improving your dating strategy to more easily attract a quality partner and build a secure and passionate long-term relationship from the start.

Regardless of whether you've read our book or not, this course will set you up for relationships success by multiplying your options. Then you can read our book to figure out who to choose!

Then, this is your next step.

Already read 'How to Make The Biggest Decision of your Life?'

Then, this is your next step!

Already read How to Make The Biggest Decision of your Life?

Margaret Ayres, 70

When I first approached Jiveny, I was very fearful that she would not be interested in me because of my age and my, as I saw it then, failure to establish a successful relationship with a man. But, I was so wrong! From the very beginning, Jiveny was warm, welcoming, perceptive and so, so supportive and positive.

Exploring the different but complementary aspects of the Feminine has been a fascinating journey. Using Jiveny’s ideas and exercises to explore the essence of these archetypes within myself has developed a deepened awareness of my feminine nature and the Archetypal energies which underpin and facilitate connection and attraction between men and women.

Since doing the course I’ve been fortunate to meet a lovely, healthy and available man who is genuinely interested in me and in sharing the next chapters of our lives together. We've now been dating for 1 year at the time of writing this.

I found the content Jiveny Teaches in The Alchemy of Attraction Illuminating in often unexpected ways

kind words


Stacey, 34

Most of us have not learnt how to date ‘well’ or with clarity or intention. As they say: luck is not a strategy!

Between therapy and talking about your dates with your friends, there is an important but untapped space. AOA fills this gap, empowering you to tackle the often confusing world of dating and relating with insight and intention. The course equips you with a different kind of confidence and poise that comes from having a handle on some fundamental relationship truths and wisdom.

Learning about the archetypes of empowered feminine energy and what it means to be an ‘integrated’ woman is ground-breaking. Not just for my way of relating within my relationship, but within myself and relating to the world at large.

Overall, AOA helped me to harness my personal power and build a strong foundation for relating and developing intimacy in a healthy and sustainable way. It taught me about the many and varied ways in which I can invite certain behaviours, and attributes in men – that I am never a passive recipient in my relationships.

Now I'm in a relationship and I don’t second guess my partner’s interest, affection and devotion to me! I feel cherished and adored and cared for in my relationship. I am also getting more comfortable with letting my partner ‘lead’, though it’s still a work in progress!

Most of all, I am confident that we are building a sustainable relationship that will carry us throughout our lives; that we are methodically exploring the right and important ‘big questions’ around values, goals and our life journey together.

Everyone should do this course! Whether you’re ready to date, currently dating or in a relationship – I truly believe there’s something for everyone in AOA.

I credit The Alchemy of Attraction course with setting me up for long-term sustainable success with a high-quality partner who is literally the man of my dreams!

kind words


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