Why I Do What I Do: My Passion For Relationships

With the birth of this blog, I figured it’s time to share a bit of my backstory and why I do what I do. My life experience and my passion for relationships go hand in hand, which partly qualifies me to do my work. So sit back and I will tell you a story… here we go.
For the last six years I’ve been travelling the world on a journey of self-discovery, from the depths of the Amazon Jungle to the wide expanses of the Sahara desert. 
As I travelled through cultures and across many lands, I set out with an open heart and mind, to collect experiences, information and tools for personal empowerment. 
Just before setting out on this journey, I remember walking along a beach and questioning to myself: “Does romantic love even exist?” I wondered because I hadn’t experienced anything close to what was depicted in fairy tales, romance novels and rom-coms. 
Thankfully, once I set my focus to uncovering the truth about love, over time I got the answers I was looking for. 
I fell in love. I fell out of love. I chased love. I renounced love. I confused lust for love. I ignored love for lust. Sometimes I broke hearts. Other times my heart got broken. Still, I soldiered on, seeking a loving connection that could weather my storm.
I realised pretty early on that this wasn’t even so much a personal quest to be loved. I’d had people willing to love me and still came out dissatisfied. What I needed was someone TO love. Someone who saw themselves as worthy and on my level. Someone who could inspire me to show up fully in a relationship to give AND receive; a two-way street.
During this journey, I sampled all kinds of relationships; from fleeting romances to committed partnerships, open relationships to toxic dependencies, friends with benefits to soul mate connections. 
Throughout it all, I developed a hunger to better understand relationship dynamics which led me to study Tantra and sacred sexuality, the art of seduction, the psychology of attraction, the nuances of communication between the sexes and the default patterns and triggers that prevent us from getting the love we really want. 
And sure, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my relationships over the years (and I’ll probably make a few more). Yet each mistake I’ve made has taught me what doesn’t work and who I don’t want to be. It’s also inspired me to question my own conditioning and seek better alternatives in relating with others.
Since returning to Australia, I’ve done a lot of professional soul-searching in exploring how I can share the fruits of my experiences in a way that is both authentic to myself and empowering to those I work with.
I believe that it’s the quality of our relationships that has the most direct impact on the quality of our life. And no matter the condition of the world, having good relationships with others and people to love and support us through life’s ups and downs, certainly makes things easier. 
On the flip side, I see so much of the world’s suffering rooted in a lack of love. Too many people are feeling lonely, stuck and frustrated, not quite knowing how to break free of the blocks and barriers that keep them from satisfying intimate connections. And when that craving for love goes un-nourished, people lash out and do crazy things.
So what is causing the complexity here?
Many of us just haven’t had good role models or reference points to learn from, particularly in terms of our intimate and romantic relationships – which can be the hardest to sustain in a healthy way. 
The good news is that the remedies can be learned, which is why I’ve been dedicating my time and energy to unpack the issues and deliver practical strategies to make connecting with others on an intimate level easier.
Through this quest I’ve learned a lot of tools which I look forward to sharing with you if you’re up for the ride, so stay tuned and feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in learning how I can help improve your love-life.
Until Next time, 


Jiveny Blair-West is a Dating & Attraction Coach, committed to helping people achieve greater clarity and success in their love life. Her passionate obsession with relationship dynamics has led her to study and unpack the realities of our modern dating culture, the psychology of attraction, sacred sexuality and practical strategies for more effective communication between the sexes. Jiveny is also the Founder of Playdate Adventures - a series of interactive workshops and events around Australia designed to help single men and women date and relate to each other more effectively, playfully and authentically.