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Warning, this article contains references to sexual assault that some readers might find disturbing…  Recently Australian investigative journalism program Four Corners and Triple J Hack launched an exposé into the dark side of Tinder. In this disturbing report several women came forward to tell their stories of how some opportunistic sexual predators have been taking […]

The Dark Side of Tinder: Staying Safe While Dating Online

Online Dating

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As I recently wrote about here, now that so many of us are stuck at home, digital dating is fast becoming the new normal. Dating Apps are experiencing record engagement and many of their users are picking up the phone or turning on the camera to get to know their latest match. Still, for many […]

The Dos & Don’ts of Digital First Dates

Online Dating

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When much of the world started living under lockdown just a few weeks ago, I wondered what this would mean for people’s dating lives… Surprisingly, as people have started to settle into quarantine, the latest stats have come out suggesting the online dating world is absolutely flourishing. Many dating apps and websites are reporting a […]

Digital Dating in the Time of Corona

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As a Dating & Attraction Coach, I mentor and support men and women aged 20-70 to identify and overcome the blocks and barriers that prevent us from experiencing good love. For me, there is nothing quite as rewarding as helping people develop the necessary skills to attract and build a healthy relationship.

It is well understood that we need healthy, intimate relationships to thrive in life. However getting the love you want is not always so straight forward.

Truth is, most of us were never formally taught the life skills of dating, attraction and relationships...

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