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Find yourself holding back and missing opportunities to engage with women?

Feel confused and overwhelmed by the modern dating scene?

Struggle to get repeat dates with the women you are actually interested in?

Wonder if you will ever find a quality partner to share the next phase of your life with?

Wish you had a women's perspective to help champion you through the process of finding a partner?

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Are sick of being overlooked or turned down in the dating scene

Want to feel more confident around women and understand how to connect with them on a deeper level

Desire to understand the foundations of a strong, healthy relationship and how create one for yourself

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Are ready to do whatever it takes to move past the blocks keeping you from the relationship you really want

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Instead, you can learn how to confidently navigate the dating world and attract the kind of woman you truly desire. Passionate, secure and rewarding relationships come with understanding ourselves and women on a deeper level.

As your online dating, attraction and relationship coach, we can work together to identify, understand and overcome the blocks and barriers that are holding you back from good love.

When working with me you get access to a fresh feminine perspective along with honest insight into what you might be doing wrong.

Most importantly, I offer actionable strategies to upgrade your dating life and expand your options when it comes to finding a lasting relationship.

Drawing from my toolkit of NLP, Timeline Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and life coaching we’ll work on building your confidence, removing internal blocks, identifying your deepest desires and implementing real-world changes. This will serve the common goal of maximising your potential to attract your ideal partner and create a lasting, committed relationship.

Men's Online Dating & Relationship Coach

Dating and relationships can be confusing and messy for us all. Sometimes it can even feel like finding a loving, committed partner is an unobtainable goal. Yet disappointment, heartache and uncertainty should not be the norm in our relationships.

It's time to get the love you really want

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Having been blessed with a great relationship with my father, along with many other men in my life, I have always enjoyed and felt comfortable in the company of men.

In fact, I believe these former experiences have played an important role in my own dating experiences, and have encouraged me to connect with and understand men on a deep level. I appreciate that most men are kind and generous beings who genuinely respect women and seek to connect.

When working with men, I embrace my role as a humble confidant. I recognise that many men I work with don't have relationships with other women in their lives with whom they can discuss their fears, concerns, insecurities, questions, hopes and dreams.

Knowing how valuable an outsider's perspective can be, I pride myself on providing a safe space for you to explore and express yourself. I also enjoy supporting the men I work with to develop their relationship skills including healthy boundaries, open communication, emotional intelligence, attraction dynamics and in understanding women.

I also offer very popular Men's Styling Sessions, available for men who want to put their best self forward when dating. These sessions are usually conducted in person - we literally go shopping together to find, discuss and choose some versatile clothing items that are going to flatter and accentuate your physical assets. It's a lot of fun and my clients always report feeling more confident in their new clothes. 🙂

I love men & working with men

kind words


Jiveny has a warm and non-judgmental approach to coaching. I found it fascinating how her questions opened up new possibilities that could be applied to my relationship with my partner immediately. I felt very comfortable working together as I could see that Jiveny really does care about helping people to have a great relationship - with full expression, while honouring each other’s wants and needs.

Thank you for your gift to the world. It is needed now more than ever before as many of us have very poor education and awareness when it comes to navigating the most intimate relating we will ever do!

A warm and non-judgemental approach to coaching


When I first started working with Jiveny I was plagued with anxiety that I would never get to have a proper girlfriend. I had low self-esteem and struggled with anxiety.

Well to go straight to the biggest point – after working with Jiveny I soon met someone and now we are building a life together. I’ve also worked through some of the intimacy issues that I have had in the past.

This work has allowed me to become a lot more conscious of myself and how I am feeling, taking the time out to ask myself how I am each day. This has really helped to manage my anxiety. Overall, I found working with Jiveny very helpful.

From anxious to a happy, healthy relationship


Jiveny has helped me understand that I needed to work on myself and improve certain areas of my life which I had pushed aside as ‘not important’. Working on these areas has helped me become a more confident person, removed some of my social anxiety and assisted me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Since working together, I have improved my flirting skills and general conversation skills. I have also recognised that most women want a man to take the first step and approach. Together we have worked on developing stronger leadership skills, better understanding women and growing my internal confidence. This has put me in a better position to find the right partner that will complement me in life and has made the dating process a lot easier.

I have improved my flirting and general conversation skills.


I found working with Jiveny was a valuable process of self discovery. It was helpful to learn the small things that can really make a difference in meeting someone as well as strategies to detach from the outcome of an interaction and be more present with women. The insights and exercises helped me to understand the sorts of things I'd done wrong in the past that most women aren't going to overlook.

Her female perspective was helpful because there are just some things we don't learn or pick up on along the way - sometimes someone actually needs to tell us directly. Also, while Jiveny's coaching is primarily focused on helping us to meet people and find that special someone, I found it also gave me a vehicle to figure out the sort of life I want to be living and how to be happy with or without a partner.

Her female perspective was helpful because there are just some things we don't learn or pick up on along the way


I would definitely recommend Jiveny to anyone looking for support in their own journey of personal growth. I have found that working with her has made an astronomical difference to my dating life and the relationships I have with my work colleagues and family members.

I have always appreciated Jiveny's approach to understanding what I need and tailoring our sessions accordingly. Jiveny has also offered additional resources for those like me, who love to self learn. All in all, my work with Jiveny has fundamentally changed the way I view the world around me for the better.

Working with Jiveny has made an astronomical difference to my dating life and the relationships


I was disillusioned with my dating life and seeking a long-term healthy relationship so I contacted Jiveny. From our very first session, I felt comfortable and excited to begin working with her.

Through our work, she helped me identify my barriers, clarify what I wanted in a partner and what a healthy relationship looked like. I was also able to identify the mistakes I had been making. This work has really helped me to developed much more confidence in dating and relationship and I was excited to put what we worked on into practice.

I am now in the best relationship I have ever had and excited for the future. I attribute this to the work I did with Jiveny. Whether you are in the dating world or in a relationship, I would not hesitate in recommending Jiveny. She has changed my life for the better, making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Jiveny has changed my life for the better, making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

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Learn the skills to get the love you want & attract and sustain a healthy, passionate long-term relationship 

Love is the ultimate gamble, but success in dating - much like success in Poker - does not rely on luck. A great Poker player will cultivate their game and bet big only when the cards are right.

The Winning Hand relationship course teaches you the key attractive traits that women are looking for in a relationship - and how you can cultivate these to a level where you have choices and can choose who to invest in.

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