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PSST! Do you know what your 'Dating Strategy' is?

Welcome! I love that you're here and curious to learn more about what I do. Perhaps you are wondering if dating and attraction coaching is a good match for you?

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Dating, Relationship & Love Coaching
For Women

Do you...

Wonder if you will ever find a quality partner to share and support you through the next chapters of your life?


Feel like you're repeating the same old mistakes? 


Struggle to transition from dating to a committed relationship?


Find yourself attracting unavailable people over and over again?


Feel confused and overwhelmed with navigating the modern dating scene?




I Can Help if You:

Want every advantage when it comes to navigating the modern dating scene

Desire the mindset and tools required to experience a passionate, rewarding and secure relationship

Are ready to have men pursuing you for a committed relationship

Understand there's more to building a sustainable relationship and want to know what that is

Are sick of experiencing frustration, confusion and heartache when dating

I'm ready for a love coach

Georgie Hannam

My coaching journey with Jiveny...

Margaret, 72

Proof you're never too old to find love!


Praise for The Alchemy of Attraction

Love, men and modern dating.... three of the most confusing and overwhelming subjects that can at times dominate our lives as women. Sleepless nights after sudden heartbreak, distracted confusion as you try to understand their dating behaviour, crumbling confidence as you struggle to attract the kind of man you truly desire.

It's a heart-ache minefield out there, but it doesn't have to be. Too often we feel that we must handle it all ourselves and that we should have the answers. But like most areas in life, we don’t know what we don’t know, and it can help to get an outside perspective.

I'm here to support you on this journey. As a dating and relationship coach for women, I can be your objective confidant, helping you to unravel, decipher and design your relationship strategy so that you can get more of the love you want. Together, we will work through the blocks and barriers that are holding you back from a passionate, healthy and secure connection with a quality partner. In working with me you will learn the tools, insights and knowledge to understand and maybe even enjoy (imagine that!) navigating the modern dating scene.

Dating & Attraction Coaching for women who want to enhance their connections and  build healthy relationships...

It's time to get the love you really want.

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This work fosters new confidence and the embodied knowledge of how to co-create a healthy and sustainable long-term relationship. As your personal love coach I’ll support and guide you through the whole messy, wild, exciting journey of finding the love of your life.

Drawing from my expertise in dating & attraction coaching, relationships, NLP, Timeline Therapy and IFS Therapy, I can help you to move past your frustrations so that you can get more of the love you want. Learn how to bring your feminine archetypes into balance, approach the modern dating scene with confidence and insight, and nurture a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a quality man. These are the core elements we will work through together.

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Before working with Jiveny I had experienced a handful of serious relationships that I had mostly sabotaged. I was also in these relationships for the wrong reasons so I guess they were destined to fail.

I found the work I did with Jiveny ground breaking. I was finally able to get to the bottom of the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ regarding my failed relationships. She was able to help me to open myself to what I really wanted and let go of what wasn’t working.

I have since found a lifelong partner who I have started a family with. Applying the things I learned from Jiveny to the early stages of our relationship really helped us to progress our connection in a much healthier way. We’ve been together for four years now and have one-year-old twin baby girls. My partner is loyal beyond words - this was something I haven’t really ever been able to say before. He puts his family first and is such a loving and involved father.

I found the work I did with Jiveny ground breaking and I have since found a lifelong partner who I have started a family with.

Lauren, 28 | digital Marketing Executive

Before working with Jiveny I had just come out of a 6-year relationship and was realising I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes or be with that kind of person again. After working with Jiveny I experienced a major shift in my dating behaviour. I was much more able to identify partners that were not suitable for me and avoid them, as well as understand how to navigate dating better and really get to know a partner as we built the connection.

Best of all this journey has led me to a healthy, fulfilling relationship where I feel a new awareness and confidence! I know what I want and deserve in a partner and I am able to bring my best self to the relationship. I didn’t think it was truly possible to find this kind of relationship before working with Jiveny.

I didn’t think it was truly possible to find this kind of relationship before working with Jiveny.


Most of us have not learnt how to date ‘well’ or with clarity or intention. As they say: luck is not a strategy! Between therapy and talking about your dates with your friends, there is an important but untapped space. Jiveny fills this gap, empowering you to tackle the often confusing world of dating and relating with insight and intention. Her coaching equips you with a different kind of confidence and poise that comes from having a handle on some fundamental relationship truths and wisdom.

Now I don’t second guess my partner’s express interest, affection and devotion to me! I feel cherished and adored and cared for in my relationship. I am also getting more comfortable with letting my partner ‘lead’, though it’s still a work in progress! Most of all, I am confident that we are building a sustainable relationship that will carry us throughout our lives; that we are methodically exploring the right and important ‘big questions’ around values, goals and our life journey together.

I credit Jiveny & The Alchemy of Attraction course with setting me up for long-term sustainable success with a high-quality partner who is literally the man of my dreams!

Sheridan, 34 | teacher

I was single for about 10 years before I started working with Jiveny and felt like I had lost my way. I wanted to feel more grounded, trust in my decision making and be genuinely confident and happy with who I was so that I could meet someone to share my life with, but constant overthinking, self sabotage and lack of solid boundaries were holding me back.

Since working with Jiveny, I have developed a relationship with a man who lights up my soul and my smile. He is someone I can fully be myself around, who I can lean on and who I have so much fun and adventure with. He is like no-one I have met before and he brings out a better, stronger and more motivated version of myself and I couldn’t feel more grateful for the relationship we have. We’ve nearly been together for 3 years at the time of writing this.

If I hadn’t made the choice to work with Jiveny, I think I would have continued with the uncertainty, self sabotage and the feeling of being stuck for a long time.

Since working with Jiveny I have developed a relationship with a man who lights up my soul and my smile.

MARGARET, 70 | RETIRED Researcher

When I first approached Jiveny, I was very fearful that she would not be interested in me because of my age and my, as I saw it then, failure to establish a successful relationship with a man. But, I was so wrong!

From the very beginning, Jiveny was warm, welcoming, perceptive, supportive and positive. The diversity and range of Jiveny’s skills clearly arises directly from the depth of her experience and understanding of human relationships.

This work has been and continues to be a fascinating journey revealing and clarifying much about my inner self resulting in real and very positive change. I love the way she is able to call out my strengths and deepen my perception even when my emotional state or experience feels dark. She provides concrete, empowering insights and techniques which truly work, and always is empathic and supportive!

Illuminating in often unexpected ways


Before working with Jiveny I was struggling with choosing the wrong men and navigating my insecurities. I wanted a serious, committed relationship but I often had trouble keeping guys interested or would wind up chasing them away. Other times, I would go for an easy guy who liked me (which was never very satisfying).

Since working together, I’ve noticed a huge shift in my mindset and approach to dating for the better. I’m much more able to manage my reactions and approach, allowing the guys I am interested in to come to me.

I’ve now met a great guy who is proactive in building a healthy relationship with me and who puts effort in to keep things fun and interesting. Even better he also takes an interest in personal development and makes open communication feel effortless and natural. Overall, I have been amazed with how much I have learnt and progressed and I cannot recommend Jiveny highly enough!

 I have been amazed with how much I have learnt and progressed.


Before working with Jiveny I struggled to attract men who I was genuinely interested in; and whenever I managed to, I found it to be quite the challenge to hold their interest. It made me feel afraid and unworthy constantly; like I needed to prove my worth whenever I felt the other person was uninterested.

I craved to be part of a healthy, committed relationship without having to carry the baggage I’d collated over the years of my childhood. Jiveny has done wonders in showing me where my inner strength was hiding and I learned that it is possible for my wants and needs to be met in a relationship. I’m now 13 months into a new relationship that is healthy and fulfilling and I’d highly recommend Jiveny for anyone looking to refocus their minds and hearts. 

I craved to be part of a healthy, committed relationship without having to carry the baggage I’d collated over the years of my childhood.


Before working with Jiveny I had been meandering the online dating circuit for about 18 months with no real luck beyond a third date. Jiveny helped me to understand the destructive patterns I had created for myself and assisted me in developing a greater awareness of the ways in which I was self-sabotaging my love life.

Throughout our sessions together, I felt a genuine sense of care from Jiveny and never rushed. Her course materials and resources are fantastic and really helped me to get clear on what I want from a relationship and why. The best support has been in understanding the decisions I have made and how these have drawn the wrong kinds of people to me in the past. The tools she has given me to navigate dating and relationships are invaluable.

Best of all, I am now in a healthy long-term relationship with a wonderful man.

The tools she has given me to navigate dating and relationships are invaluable.


Jiveny gave me permission to speak openly about some of my deepest fears, anxieties, desires and dreams and was completely present with me as I talked. Her questions guided me to self-assess and reflect on my own beliefs and attitudes in ways that I had never considered before.

Through this, I discovered new ways to think about and overcome habitual thought patterns that had been preventing me from self-acceptance. Most of all, Jiveny helped me identify the deeper core feelings and unmet needs stopping me from living my life fully. After our coaching sessions I've felt a deeper sense clarity, confidence and a true sense of empowerment.

Clarity, confidence and a true sense of empowerment

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