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PSST! Do you know what your 'Dating Strategy' is?

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Discover what is holding you back when it comes to online dating

A personalised 1:1 review of your current online dating strategy and what you can do to get more matches!

An Online Dating Profile Audit

Nothing sucks more than signing up for an online dating app or website only to find you're barely matching with the kinds of women you're hoping to attract.
Over the years I've seen so many men unwittingly shoot themselves in the foot with a dating profile that fails to stand out and create interest. That's why I started offering personalised dating profile audits for men.


You may have already attempted put into practice the tips I share in my free guide to maximising your dating profile... However perhaps your results are not yet what you expected?

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The truth is general advice can sometimes be hard to replicate. That's why it's worth getting an objective outside opinion. Especially from a woman who understands the online dating scene and works with single men and women on a daily basis! I hear your complaints and I hear what women have to say about how men present on dating apps and I know I can help.

It's time to get more matches...

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I'll also share with you my dating profile strategy hacks, answer any of your burning questions, and (depending on how we're going for time)  discuss next steps, like how to navigate building a connection AFTER you get a match.

During our private, 75 min 1:1 session I will give you my honest, actionable feedback around what you could be doing better to get more matches.

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Once booked in, I'll send you your next steps and get you to send through a copy of your dating profile(s) for me to review so I can begin to put together a plan for you.

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Book an appointment via my online calendar. Note: If there are no appointments available that suits your schedule you can email me here and we can organise another time.

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Most coaches don't include their prices on their website, whereas I prefer to be upfront about your investment. Furthermore, getting good, honest advice about the way in which you are presenting yourself online is hard to come by.

You may want to take a moment to consider how much time and frustration you will save yourself by getting some expert guidance.

My clients often describe the work that we do as an invaluable asset to their personal development. You can read their testimonials here.

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Jiveny has a warm and non-judgmental approach to coaching. I found it fascinating how her questions opened up new possibilities that could be applied to my relationship with my partner immediately. I felt very comfortable working together as I could see that Jiveny really does care about helping people to have a great relationship - with full expression, while honouring each other’s wants and needs.

Thank you for your gift to the world. It is needed now more than ever before as many of us have very poor education and awareness when it comes to navigating the most intimate relating we will ever do!

A warm and non-judgemental approach to coaching


When I first started working with Jiveny I was plagued with anxiety that I would never get to have a proper girlfriend. I had low self-esteem and struggled with anxiety.

Well to go straight to the biggest point – after working with Jiveny I soon met someone and now we are building a life together. I’ve also worked through some of the intimacy issues that I have had in the past.

This work has allowed me to become a lot more conscious of myself and how I am feeling, taking the time out to ask myself how I am each day. This has really helped to manage my anxiety. Overall, I found working with Jiveny very helpful.

From anxious to a happy, healthy relationship


Jiveny has helped me understand that I needed to work on myself and improve certain areas of my life which I had pushed aside as ‘not important’. Working on these areas has helped me become a more confident person, removed some of my social anxiety and assisted me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Since working together, I have improved my flirting skills and general conversation skills. I have also recognised that most women want a man to take the first step and approach. Together we have worked on developing stronger leadership skills, better understanding women and growing my internal confidence. This has put me in a better position to find the right partner that will complement me in life and has made the dating process a lot easier.

I have improved my flirting and general conversation skills.


I found working with Jiveny was a valuable process of self discovery. It was helpful to learn the small things that can really make a difference in meeting someone as well as strategies to detach from the outcome of an interaction and be more present with women. The insights and exercises helped me to understand the sorts of things I'd done wrong in the past that most women aren't going to overlook.

Her female perspective was helpful because there are just some things we don't learn or pick up on along the way - sometimes someone actually needs to tell us directly. Also, while Jiveny's coaching is primarily focused on helping us to meet people and find that special someone, I found it also gave me a vehicle to figure out the sort of life I want to be living and how to be happy with or without a partner.

Her female perspective was helpful because there are just some things we don't learn or pick up on along the way


I would definitely recommend Jiveny to anyone looking for support in their own journey of personal growth. I have found that working with her has made an astronomical difference to my dating life and the relationships I have with my work colleagues and family members.

I have always appreciated Jiveny's approach to understanding what I need and tailoring our sessions accordingly. Jiveny has also offered additional resources for those like me, who love to self learn. All in all, my work with Jiveny has fundamentally changed the way I view the world around me for the better.

Working with Jiveny has made an astronomical difference to my dating life and the relationships


I was disillusioned with my dating life and seeking a long-term healthy relationship so I contacted Jiveny. From our very first session, I felt comfortable and excited to begin working with her.

Through our work, she helped me identify my barriers, clarify what I wanted in a partner and what a healthy relationship looked like. I was also able to identify the mistakes I had been making. This work has really helped me to developed much more confidence in dating and relationship and I was excited to put what we worked on into practice.

I am now in the best relationship I have ever had and excited for the future. I attribute this to the work I did with Jiveny. Whether you are in the dating world or in a relationship, I would not hesitate in recommending Jiveny. She has changed my life for the better, making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Jiveny has changed my life for the better, making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.



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PSST... Do you know what your 'Dating Strategy' is?